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Harvest-Master CO2 EASi

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Harvest Masters CO2 EASi is intelligent CO2 monitor and controller. With the cool kit (sold separately) the CO2 EASi can regulate your grow rooms temperatures. So here is what it does:

The CO2 EASi controller will maintain maximum co2 levels for the longest duration. It does this by actively monitoring the the CO2 and adjusting as necessary. If equipped with the optional CO2 EASi cool kit, It will maintain the temperatures within 2’C/F of the target temperature. If the temp rises too high (or there is no COOL unit), the FANS are activated at max temp but does not shut off the CO2.

Some of the major features include:

Efficiency Monitoring
On the display, you will see the “Efficiency % Monitor”. This unique Harvest Master feature is calculating how efficiently your room is operating

Usage Monitoring
The Harvest Master CO2 EASi has a “CO2 bottle life” timer. Another unique feature of Harvest Master. The unit will show “% of Last tank used”, so you know to get a new tank ready.

  • Model: 703320
  • Manufactured by: Harvest Master

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