Grow Light Express knows there are many questions that you have when it comes why you should grow your own cannabis.

Marijuana is starting to become legally accessible to United States residents more and more each year. Currently, there are 28 states in the United States of America that have legalized retail or recreational marijuana and medicinal or medical marijuana. These states have laws that allow legal access to marijuana for adults 21 years and up.

States that have retail or recreational marijuana do not require adults to have prescription or cannabis med cards. States that have only medicinal marijuana laws will require residents or US citizens to obtain medical cards for marijuana specifically. Without these cards, marijuana is still very much illegal on a state level just as it is on a federal level.

Smart smokers are also starting to want to grow their own marijuana at home because of the fear of dangerous chemicals and harmful pesticides that some dispensaries have been caught using.

A number of Colorado dispensaries were caught using pesticides and other chemicals that were banned months after the ban was enforced and put into effect. These chemicals can wreak havoc on consumers’ bodies. Individuals like to know what they are consuming and what goes into their body.

By growing their own marijuana at home using a good grow light setup, marijuana consumers can supply their cannabis needs at a much cheaper price and have the confidence of knowing what’s in their herb.

Grow lights of today are much different than grow lights of the past. New energy-efficient LED lights with multiple color spectrums heads are revolutionizing indoor grows. Indoor grows can produce higher yields and more potent product than ever before thanks to these high intensity grow lights from companies like Grow Light Express.

Article by James Priest